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Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd. Company Profile

  • China Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd. company profile
Changzhou Haozhuo Electronic Co., Ltd.
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We are a professional and famous EMI filter manufacturer.

Our technical team has more than 10 years’ experience in designing EMI filter. We know UL VDE CSA CE CQC etc safety standard very well.

Our technical service team learn many kinds of test standard such as industrial application (IEC61800-3 for frequency inverter drive EN12015 for elevator EN55011 for ISM device etc) and military application (GJB151A GJB152A etc).We can solve EMI problem quickly effectively and low-costly.

Our test equipment: LCR digital bridge/voltage proof tester/insulation resistance tester/spectrum analyzer/inductor tester/standard signal source/shield room/interference intensity tester etc

Our product: EMI filter for general purpose/EMI filter for frequency inverter/EMI filter for shielding facility/EMI filter for military application

Our advantage: high quality/high cost-effective/short lead time

Our service: all products have two years guarantee

Our main customers: frequency inverter drive and servo drive system/MRI shielding system/solar inverter system/rail transit system etc

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issued brand-new logo and official website to keep pace with the development of the company.


All Series of filters Passed the ce Certification


Passed ISO14000 and ISO18000 Certification


Shanghai agent was eastblished


Italy Branch was launched


changzhou R&D Center was set up


Shanghai offices were established


Got the certifications of CE, ROHS


Obtained the title of High-tech Enterprise


Passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification


founded in changzhou, Jiangsu

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Conducting emission exceeding test is to test whether the equipment under test (EUT) passes the limit of electromagnetic disturbance under the standard frequency band according to the relevant national / industry regulations. Conducting emission test, also known as disturbance voltage test, involves all products as long as they have power lines, including many DC power supply products. In addition, there are also requirement regarding the signal / control lines conducting emission in many standards, usually expressed by the limit of disturbance voltage or disturbance current (There exist some relationships of conversion between them). The insertion loss test (expressed directly by dB) in lamps and lanterns also falls into the category of conduction test.


3. Conducting Emission Test Method

1) Instruments and equipment used for conducting emission test: Receiver, LISN (line impedance stabilization network, or AMN artificial power network), Analog Hand, Passive Voltage Probe, Current Probe (CDN used in conjunction with current probe, capacitive voltage probe), DIA (Intermittent interference analyzer used for testing intermittent interference in CISPR14-1), a whole set of equipment for measuring insertion loss and so on. Of course, the PC is also needed. DIA should comply with the requirements of CISPR16-1-1, and other auxiliary devices should comply with the requirements of CISPR16-1-2.

2) Conducting emission test arrangement: there are two types, test on the table or on the floor. Desktop equipment is 80 cm away from LISN, 40cm off the ground flat (here the ground plate can be horizontally connected floor, or the vertical earthing wall of the shielded room). The distance from the ground equipment to the ground plate is allowed to vary according to different standards.

3) Frequency band of conducting emission test: mostly 150kHz-30MHz, but CISPR15 is an exception, for which the disturbance voltage is 9kHz-30MHz and insertion loss 150kHz-1605kHz.

4) Conducting emission test limits: it varies with different standards and different product categories (Group 1 / 2, Class A / R B).

5) Conducting emission test process:

a) AC / DC power disturbance voltage: connect the power plug to the LISN, the receiver RF input is connected to the RF output of the LISN (RF attenuator or pulse limiter is inserted between LISN and receive according to the test requirement), and the L/ N switch of the LISN is switched to select the common mode disturbance voltage to the ground of the test power line.

b) Intermittent interference: this is required by CISPR14-1 and some standards which quotes CISPR14-1, and usually tested using intermittent interference analyzers in conjunction with LISN. The standard also allows for using a combination of oscilloscopes and receivers. The oscilloscope observes the disturbance duration and the receiver observes the disturbance level amplitude.

c) The load disturbance voltage: this is required in CISPR14-1 / CISPR15 and CISPR11. The passive voltage probe is used to strip off the load line insulation which needs to be tested, and the disturbance voltage of the load line terminal to the ground is measured directly by the probe connecting receiver. Note that if the rated current of the device is too large and there is no suitable LISN available, the voltage probe can also be used directly to measure the disturbance voltage at the power supply end.

d) The communication line disturbance voltage / current: is mentioned in CISPR22 There are different testing methods for different types of communication lines. There is detailed description in Annex C, and the advantages and disadvantages of different method are analyzed in Annex F. It mainly depends on the different combination of current probe and CDN, 150Ω earth resistance, capacitive voltage probe to test different types of communication cable, the premise of which is that the ground impedance of the cable under test is 150ohm. The results can be expressed directly by the disturbance current dBuA, or by the disturbance voltage dBuV. The conversion impedance is 150ohms, that means the difference between the two values is 44 dB.

e) Insertion loss: mentioned in CISPR15. Using a receiver to measure the comparative voltage to obtain the value of insertion loss after the signal generated by RF sine wave generator passing through balanced/unbalanced converter, analog modulation and LISN

4. Conclusion of results of the conducted emission test:

Compare the measured values (QP/AV) of receiver geophone with the limit line, if the measured values are lower than the limit line, PASS, otherwise, FAIL.

Category National Standard IEC Standard
Household appliances, electric tools and other similar appliances GB4343.1 CISPR14-1
Information technology equipment GB9254 CISPR22
Sound, television, broadcasting receivers and related equipment GB13837 CISPR13
Electrical lighting and similar equipment GB17743 CISPR15
Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) RF equipment GB4824 CISPR11

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Our Team

Since its foundation in 2003, we specializes in products research and development in EMC field, capable of providing full lines of EMC solutions and products while focusing on customizing products to meet customers' specific requirement. The products and services we provide covering EMI filters, signal filters, passive harmonic filters, filter connectors, EMC components, etc. Our products are widely deployed in high-tech fields such as inverter and converter applications, photovoltaic systems, medical devices, automatic controlled machine tools, electric power supply, telecommunication, robots, etc. In order to provide superior products and service to our customers, we established our own laboratory, which is equipped with shielding room, surge generator, pulse group generator, spectrum analyzer, signal source and other high-end equipment to meet customers' all kinds of EMC test need. On the other hand, we can design products meeting the requirements of customers more accurately and rapidly since more test means are available for us with the help of the lab. Besides, we set up cooperation centers in Germany, Italy and South Korea in order to win further trust of and development in the international markets.

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