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Anechoic Chamber Ferrite Tile

Anechoic Chamber Ferrite Tile

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    Anechoic Chamber Ferrite Tile


    Anechoic Chamber Tile


    Emc Ferrite Tile

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Anechoic Chamber Ferrite Tile

Emc Ferrite Tile For Anechoic Chamber Test High Quality Competitive Price

With specialized technologies for developing various ferrite items to meet customer’s demands, Samwha has been manufacturing excellent ferrite absorbers (Flat and grid types).

Samwha ferrite absorbers show excellent absorbing performance, customer_faqally resistant qualities, high strength and good heat resistance. So they can be widely used as anechoic chamber for electro-magnetic compatibility(EMC) testing or block against electromagnetic interference(EMI).


Ferrite Tile Size

· Base size: 100*100mm

· Standard height: 5.2mm, 6.7mm

· Diameter of bore: 10mm

Initial permeability 5500
Relative loss factor 15@0.1MHz
Saturation flux density 280(1194A/m)
Remanence 180
coercivity 3
Relative temp.factor 3
Curie temp. 90
Density 4.85*1000
Resistivity 100


30MHz -25.5dB
100MHz -38dB
300MHz -19.5dB
500MHz -16dB
700MHz -12dB
1000MHz -10dB

Ferrite Tile Application

· Used for EMC chamber

Based on the principle of having complex magnetic permeability equal (or nearly equal) to complex dielectric constant. Materials with this property exhibit an impedance equal to that of "free space" and therefore do not reflect radiated energy at normal incidence. Ferrite Tile can provide 10dB - 25dB of absorption between 30MHz and 1GHz. Tiles are thin (approximately 0.26 inches), but can be heavy (roughly 10 lbs per square foot).


Size for EMC chamber ferrite tile

· Base size: 100*100mm

· Standard height: 5.5mm, 6.7mm

· Diameter of bore: 10mm


Application for EMC chamber ferrite tile Used for EMC chamber


About US

  • Our technical team has more than 10 years’ experience in designing EMI filter. We know UL VDE CSA CE CQC etc safety standard very well.
  • Our technical service team learn many kinds of test standard such as industrial application (IEC61800-3 for frequency inverter drive EN12015 for elevator EN55011 for ISM device etc) and military application (GJB151A GJB152A etc).We can solve EMI problem quickly effectively and low-costly.
  • Our test equipment: LCR digital bridge/voltage proof tester/insulation resistance tester/spectrum analyzer/inductor tester/standard signal source/shield room/interference intensity tester etc
  • Our product: EMI filter for general purpose/EMI filter for frequency inverter/EMI filter for shielding facility/EMI filter for military application
  • Our advantage: high quality/high cost-effective/short lead time
  • Our service: all products have two years guarantee
  • Our main customers: frequency inverter drive and servo drive system/MRI shielding system/solar inverter system/rail transit system etc

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