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1MHz To 3GHz 110dB Semi EMC Anechoic Chamber Room MRI Shielding Enclosure

1MHz To 3GHz 110dB Semi EMC Anechoic Chamber Room MRI Shielding Enclosure

  • High Light

    semi anechoic chamber


    Semi Anechoic Room


    anechoic chamber control room

  • Type
    RC Filter
  • Transfer Function
    Low Pass
  • Testing Standard
  • EMC Chamber Type
    Semi-EMC Chamber Or Full EMC Chamber
  • Testing Service
    Testing Service Is Accept
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • RF Chamber Door Size
    Standard Size 2.38*1.2M, Customized Accepted
  • RF Shield Room Panel
    2mm Or 3mm Galvanized Steel Panel
  • RF Shielding Room Packing
    Wooden Carton Packing
  • Anechoic Chamber Delivery Time
    3-5 Weeks
  • RF Room Attenuation
    14KHz-40GHz More Than 100dB
  • Port
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    >=1 Sets
  • Price
  • Supply Ability
    1 Set/Sets per Month

1MHz To 3GHz 110dB Semi EMC Anechoic Chamber Room MRI Shielding Enclosure


1MHz to 3GHz meet 110dB EMC Anechoic chamber


The term “anechoic” means non-reflective, non-echoing, and echo-free. The term “semi” denotes that a portion of the chamber is reflective, usually the sheet metal ground reference plane located on the floor of the chamber. The reason the floor is kept reflective and not loaded with absorber is because it replicates the real world more closely to that of a free space environment and because radiated emissions measurements are more repeatable and accurate if the RF energy emanating from the equipment under test (EUT) is fully reflected. In contrast, the reflections that pass-through foam absorber material attenuate differently (sometimes none at all) depending of the angle of incidence of the RF field impinging upon it.



Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber Description

we provide Semi-EMC Chamber and Full EMC Chamber for EMC Testing.


An Anechoic Chamber generally consists of an RF shielded room which is either partially or fully lined with RF absorber material. It is used to perform several types of testing and measurements.


our chambers are typically constructed from the modular shielding system.


EMC anechoic test chambers are used by industry to perform radiated emissions and radiated immunity testing of electrical/electronic equipment to various International specifications such as EN 50147 part 2 / ANSI C63.4 / EN55022 / EN61000-4-3 and various CISPR documents.


Chambers are also designed for EMC testing for testing in accordance with military and avionics specifications such as MIL STD 4612E, DO 160 and DEF STD 59-41.


we offers a fully range of anechoic chambers, including:

  • Antenna EMC Testing Chamber
  • Compact Chambers
  • 3 Meter Chambers
  • 5 Meter Chambers
  • 10 Meter Chambers
  • Free Space Chambers
  • MIL-STD Chambers


The types we provided for anechoic chamber room with RF absorber

- Compact chamber

- 3 Meter chamber

- 5 Meter chamber

- 10 Meter chamber

- Free space chamber

- MIL-STD chamber

- Customized Anechoic chamber acceptable


Shielding performance for anechoic chamber room with RF absorber

Magnetic field 14kHz 75dB
100KHz 100dB
200KHz 110dB
Plane wave 50-103MHz 120dB
Microware 1-10GHz 110dB
10-20GHz 100dB
20-40GHz 80dB



1MHz To 3GHz 110dB Semi EMC Anechoic Chamber Room MRI Shielding Enclosure 0