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Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials Reeled Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room

Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials Reeled Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room

  • High Light

    Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials


    Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room


    Metallic Reeled Copper Wool

  • Type
    RC Filter
  • Transfer Function
    Low Pass
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Nominal Center Frequency
  • 3dB Bandwidth
  • Insertion Loss
  • Input Impedance
  • Stopband Attenuation
  • Application
    Mri Rf Room
  • Color
  • Wire Diameter
  • Moq
  • Lead Time
    7-10 Workdays
  • Port
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    >=1 Rolls
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Supply Ability
    100 Roll/Rolls per Week

Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials Reeled Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room

Rfi EMI Shielded Reeled Copper Wool For RF Shielded Room


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) reduces electronic signal integrity and strength which can cause disturbances and poor performance in sensitive communication systems and devices. EMI/RFI Shielding reduces electronic malfunction susceptibility by blocking unwanted external electromagnetic waves or preventing internal electromagnetic waves from emitting and interfering other circuits or devices.



Product description
Name copper foil
Material 99.8% copper
Width standard 1350mm
Thickness standard 0.105mm(3oz),0.14mm(4oz)
Feature EMI shielding
Application faraday cage,MRI room


Product description:

1. The product structure is based on copper foil as the substrate, conductive acrylic adhesive as the adhesive, plus release paper.

2. Three-tier architecture is very suitable for cutter mold or the metal mold die-cutting, Can be flat cutter or round cutter to die-cutting.

3. The width of the product available from 3mm ~ 380mm. Standard length is 50m., also do 100m, 150m or longer, save customers the trouble of frequently reloading.


Part Number Backing Material Thickness of Backing (mm) Total Thickness (mm) Holding Power Min/inch Adhesion Strength kg/25mm Adhesive Component Shield Efficacy 10MHz~ 1GHz (dB) Conductivity z-ohms Integrated thermal conductivity (W/mK)
XPH0M123 Copper Foil 0.012 0.030±0.01 ≥1440 >0.8 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 60
XPH0M183 Copper Foil 0.018 0.050±0.005 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 60
XPH0M253 Copper Foil 0.025 0.06±0.005 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 80
XPH0M353 Copper Foil 0.035 0.070±0.005 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 90
XPH0M503 Copper Foil 0.050 0.085±0.005 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 110
XPH0M753 Copper Foil 0.075 0.11±0.01 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 130
XPH0MA03 Copper Foil 0.100 0.135±0.01 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 160
XPH0MA23 Copper Foil 0.125 0.15±0.015 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03 170
XPH0MA53 Copper Foil 0.150 0.20±0.02 ≥1440 >1.0 Acrylic ≥60 <0.03





Product Features
shielding ED copper foil
thickness 0.009--3mm, width 10-1380mm
easier to make a faraday cage, EMI room
generally 400-500kg/roll
Physical Properties
Electrical conductivity(20°C):min 90%IACS for annealed to temper 80%IACS for rolled to temper min
Thermal conductivity(20°C):390W/(m°C)
Elastic modulus:118000N/m
Softening temperature:≥380°C
meet the technical conditions GB/T 5187-2008 standards.

in accordance with ISO9001-2000 Quality system requirements


Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials Reeled Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room 0Emc RF EMI Shielding Materials Reeled Copper Wool For Mri Rf Room 1