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Customized MRI RF CAGE RF Shielding Room

Customized MRI RF CAGE RF Shielding Room

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    Customized RF Shielding Room


    MRI RF Shielding Room


    Customized MRI RF Cage

  • Power
  • Size
  • Accessories 1
    MRI Window
  • Accessories 2
    MRI Door
  • Accessories 3
    Copper Panel
  • Accessories 4
    EMI Filter
  • Accessories 5
  • Accessories 6
    Gas Waveguide
  • Accessories 7
    PVC For Flooring
  • Accessories 8
    PVC For Walls
  • Accessories 9
  • Selling Units
    Single Item
  • Single Package Size 
    200X200X200 Cm
  • Single Gross Weight
    500.000 Kg
  • Package Type
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
    $20,000.00 / Set

Customized MRI RF CAGE RF Shielding Room

MRI Scanning Room Product Features:


Whether you’re performing sensitive research in an anechoic chamber, working in a reverberation chamber or handling confidential data in a crisis control center, high-quality RF shielded rooms are required to protect your work from electromagnetic interference or possible interception.

Comtest has over thirty years of experience with the design and manufacturing of high-quality RF shielded doors and RF shielding. Our controlled electromagnetic environments come with the highest possible shielding attenuation. For more information, please contact our consultancy department using our online contact page.

  • Pure, electrically deposited copper
  • RF attenuation levels of > 100 dB up to 400 MHz frequencies
  • Free standing, structurally isolated RF walls
  • Light weight wall and ceiling panels
  • Factory engineered and fabricated RF shield panels
  • Contractor friendly interiors

MRI Scanning Room Description:

This modular frame construction is wrapped with electroplated copper which can conform to any design criteria. The engineered and bolted system enhances RF integrity with wide 4.4 cm (1 3/4") seams that are highly compressed, offering a seamless shield surface. Interior fasteners do not have to penetrate the shield surface by design, which enhances the long term life of the shield.


Product Features
Shielding panels are made of molded cold-rolled steel plates. They are jointed in way and welded with CO2 protection, which can restrain the plates from distortion and ensure the leveling of the steel plates.
Self-supported frame construction is made of section materials.
Shielding door is optional: standard electromotive door (electromotive / manual alternative), full-automatic shielding door (light-activated with password) sliding door. Subshining stainless steel decoration is on surface of the door. Standard dimension of the door is:0.85×2(m).
Large-scale hanging sliding shielding-door, electromotive sliding push-in door, electromotive sliding gasbag door, rotated door with track.
Ventilated window is designed in cellular wave-guide type with dimension:300×300(mm).
Power filter is in condition of high-performance and low-leakage.
Telephone, air-conditioning, fire-fight devices, optical fiber and CAT5 cables can be equipped customized.
Decoration will be arranged in the shielding room according to standard equipment room requirements.
Shielding Properties (dB)

Magnetic field

Plane wave50-103MHz120dB


Application Scope
EMC tesing
Items 1Module Panel type, 2mm/3mm galvanized steel plate 
Items 2RF Shielding Door, Open size:1000*2000mm
Or Customized dimension
Items 3Power Filters
16A/ 32A/50A/63A
Or Customized parameter
Items 4Honeycomb Ventilation panels
Or Customized dimension
Items 5RF Panel
300*200mm,including waveguide Ø4cm / L220cm x1 BNC*2/N*2/SMA*2
Or Customized dimension
Items 6Floor
Anti-static floor or Laminate flooring
Or customized materials
Items 7Foam RF absorber
Ferrite tile
High power absorber
Items 8Beryllium copper Fingers 
Items 9Steel waveguide 
Items 10EMI Shielding Gasket 


MRI Scanning Room Accessories

Accessories 1MRI door 1.2x2.1M
Accessories 2MRI window 0.8x1.2M
Accessories 3EMI filter 16A/ 25A/ 30A
Accessories 4

Brass Honeycomb filter



Accessories 5

Copper panel

Copper foil 1380mmx0.105mm

Accessories 6Brass waveguide
Accessories 7

Copper tape

25mm width 50M/Roll

50mm width 50M/Roll

Accessories 8

Copper wool


Accessories 9Beryllium copper fingers


Customized MRI RF CAGE RF Shielding Room 0

Customized MRI RF CAGE RF Shielding Room 1